Three Children


This is a tough one.  There’s nothing at all to help with identifying these children other than the photographer’s name and location:  C. C. James, Artist, Greenup, ILL.

The children’s clothing makes me think the photo is from the 1880s.

You can read more about this collection of photos and its provenance here.  You will also find links to all the posts in this series in that post. 

Please leave a comment below if you’re related to any of the people mentioned in this series.  I’d love to hear from you!


Earlier comments on this post: 

Kathy Glascott

One element of early photography is the serious expressions on the faces off the subjects. At first glance, you might think, oh how sad! But then you realize that a great deal of effort went into arranging this photo. These children were probably cherished and loved.


Yes, and they’re all dressed in their very best for their studio portrait. The little boy’s outfit was really helpful in dating the photo. I’m puzzled by the oldest girl’s haircut though.

Virginia Allain

I see a strong resemblance among the 3 children. Siblings for sure.


I agree–no doubt at all that they’re related! Those eyes! Maybe I’ll be able to spot their parents among the other photos.

Kathryn Grace

I wish I could help with your orphan photos. Peering into these faces, and the ones on your other pages, leaves me wanting to know more about them and their lives. Sometimes I can’t help but wonder if the Native Americans were right in thinking that a photograph captures a little bit of the soul.


Old photos have always had that effect on me, too, Kathryn. Quite haunting sometimes. Even if the photos turn out to have nothing to do with my family, I’m enjoying learning about these people and honoring their lives in some small way.

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